Brand Introduction

ELIZABETH CERAMICS was established in 2002, located in Shiwan, Foshan. It is a large ceramics enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The total annual production reaches 48 million square meters, and has passed 3C certification, ISO quality management system certification, China green building ceramics and other qualifications and certifications.


As a modern ceramic tile fashion brand, ELIZABETH CERAMICS pursues perfection in quality, fashion in appearance, excellence in performance, and innovation in the industry. The products have obtained more than forty patents. The products of ELIZABETH CERAMICS are unique and complete, rich in color, and diverse in specifications, including big slabs, marble tiles of various specifications, three-dimensional mold tiles, modern antique tiles, modern wood design series, etc.


ELIZABETH CERAMICS adheres to the The Belt and Road Policy and digs into overseas markets. It has set up independent brand stores in Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, and established overseas production bases in Malaysia to achieve global production and comprehensively promote the global layout.


Features · Fashion · Modern  is not only the source of the company's development philosophy and brand culture, but also the company's core competitiveness. ELIZABETH CERAMICS will always lead the trend of fashion home culture, with unique artistic life concept, using the best products and sincere service, so that consumers feel the concept of International · Living · Home .

Development history

——In 2005 (the 3000 acres factory of Heyuan with an annual output of 28 million ㎡ under the brand of Elizabeth was put into use)

——In 2009 (the 56 ° ultra white bottom product of Elizabeth was born and put into production)

——In 2010 (the product of Elizabeth passed the national CCC / decoration product certification No.: 2019052102005853; ISO9001:2008 certification No.: usa19q42305r0m)

——In 2011 (Elizabeth  based on characteristics: small size tiles, solid color tiles, characteristic white body tiles, Elizabeth series R & D)

——In 2011 (the escort of Elizabeth: multiple appearance patent certificates)

——In 2012 (Elizabeth meets the market demand: full glazing full series production)

——In 2012 (Elizabeth noble spirit spread all over the world)

——In 2013 (Elizabeth based on terminal: microcrystalline full series production)

——In 2013 (Elizabeth has made great achievements: won famous and excellent products, environmental protection certification and other honors)

——In 2013 (the 2000  acres plant of Zhanjiang under Elizabeth was put into operation)

——In 2015 (Elizabeth is recognized by the industry: won the "excellent award" of the third Italian ceramic design competition)

——In 2016 (Elizabeth launched large-scale ceramic sheet products)

——In 2016 (Elizabeth industry initiated the production of 300x800mm specification products)

——In 2017 (Elizabeth has landed in 16 major airports and Guangzhou south high speed railway station)

——In 2018 (12000 square meters of new exhibition hall of headquarters under Elizabeth opened)

——In 2019 (Sino ceramics, the production base of Elizabeth, is put into production)