Romantic Tile Global Project-Korea Station

N Bridge Hotel

Romantic Tile White Rhyme Stone series of creative materials: white roses in spring, white lotus in summer, white chrysanthemum in autumn, snow in winter, it is a thousand kinds of white, ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings, while white represents purity, symbolizing the holy and elegant.

Autumn lotus pond, lotus flowers, pure and elegant, implies the silt without staining of the noble; clean and clear white jade, contains pure, like a gentleman's wind. Romantic tile marble series of white rhyme stone adhere to the unique charm, with its spiritual and aesthetic space effect has become the preferred products for home and engineering. This time, this product is based on the N Bridge Hotel hotel in Seoul, Korea. The application of the perfect effect it is remarkable and has been appreciated by many parties.

Project Address:전주시 완산구 전주천서로 81


Project name:N BRIDGE HOTEL

Project item number: M60P32B, M63P32B


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